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The Importance of Copywriting and How to Write a Good Copy


Since the rise of social media and the internet, advertising has shifted from advertising on considerable billboards to buying ad space on websites to market products. In a world where new products are just a click away, captivating the audience has become a massive factor in marketing. A study in 2020 showed that 89% of German adults between 26 and 35 years old used WhatsApp as their main communication platform, while 67% used Facebook. This is just proof of the importance of social media and how much businesses can benefit from using them as an advertisement tool.

Writing an ad copy is one of the ways to captivate a reader and sell a product to them. This article will discuss what a copy is, its importance, and how you can write a good copy.

What Is a Copy?

Any text released online or printed for consumption by an audience is a copy. It is a text that appears in a composition or publication. In contrast, any graphic or pictorial elements of a publication, an article, or another type of composition are not included.

It refers to any written information distributed via online and print media. Advertising and marketing employ copy content the most. This form of written content is frequently used to persuade individuals or groups and raise brand awareness. When many individuals think of copy, they may think of advertising and marketing texts. This includes any writing intended to encourage individuals to take a specific action, such as purchasing a product or providing an email address. It can take many different forms.

Blogs, ebooks, advertisements, social media, press releases, presentations, websites, apps, articles, emails, and more all use digital writing. Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books, posters, flyers, product packaging, billboards, brochures, programs, postcards, banners, and other printed materials are all examples of print texts. People that write texts specialize in one genre or type of text. Others write tidbits for advertising material or ad copy, whereas others specialize in lengthy or brief news items. Others may concentrate on novel or short story writing, while others excel at technical writing, reports, or proposals.

Companies might hire freelance copywriters or hire them in-house to write articles. Copywriters are writers who create articles for sales and marketing. Writers are those who make editorial content such as fresh articles and books.

6 Reasons Why a Good Copy Is Important

Here are a few reasons why a strong copy is an invaluable ally for anyone operating a business on the internet:

Helps Sell Products

A fantastic copy captivates the readers, connects with them, and motivates them to invest in your product. It allows businesses to quickly sell their items in front of a large audience listening to whatever they have to say. A good copywriter can sell anything, and different authors use various sales techniques. The only way of figuring out which ones will work best for you would be to experiment with them. Try out several selling techniques to find which ones work best for which products.

Building a long-term

By addressing the questions, needs, and concerns and fostering their comments, excellent copy allows you to develop your relationships with your visitors. Consumers want to feel that their seller is striving to be on the same page as them, whether they purchase a beautiful 8-bedroom mansion or a pack of biscuits. Quality writing sells and enables you to form long-term relationships with your audience. This is a vital consideration that should not be overlooked, especially because some of your existing customers can become ardent supporters and brand advocates, allowing you to raise brand awareness, expand your clientele, and boost your profit margins.

A Good Copy Yields Measurable Outcomes

The excellent copy allows you to launch an effective advertising campaign on time and under budget. One of the most powerful tools advertisers can rely on to achieve their specific goals is a top-notch copy, which has nothing to do with dull, generic sales presentations. In copywriting, separating the good from the terrible is quite simple. Excellent text will raise engagement and conversion rates on the most prominent social media networks.

It Makes You Distinct

Many consumers who are overwhelmed with numerous spam emails daily believe that every offer they get online is a ruse. Excellent copy may aid in creating and promoting a powerful, fascinating tale that allows people to set aside their fears and preconceived notions and start listening to everything you’ve got to say for a few moments. Your success is inevitable if you keep to the image you’ve built about yourself and depend on reader-friendly material to develop your relationship with the clients.

Helps Elevates Products to Must-Have Status

If you’re about to introduce your laundry detergent, have you ever considered why customers could be enticed to try it? Here’s where result-oriented content can help you convert your latest brand into a hot must-have by emphasizing its distinct features and benefits. Your detergent is significantly less expensive than name-brand goods, dissolves stains as quickly as a good cup of coffee, and protects the colors of your most delicate garments. A skilled copywriter will try to put all of these benefits on paper and give them a new spin to pique your audience’s interest and demand your products.

Good Copy Allows You to Create an Effective Signature

Each copywriter has their style and strategies for connecting with a specific audience, communicating a strong message, and eliciting client responses. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to copywriting. There are no two commercials alike. You can’t promote skincare products in the same way you pitch luxury cars. Different tones and selling methods are required for different audiences.

How to Write a Good Copy

Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing a copy:

Concentrate on the Benefits of Your Product

The basis for your marketing campaigns is laid down in the first step of a copywriting plan. The value of your goods to a customer is referred to as a benefit. In other words, a benefit is anything that a product could do for the buyer or how could assist a customer. You must explain why your item is the best option available and superior to your competitors’ offerings regarding the added value it gives to your customers. The key to success is to thoroughly comprehend your product’s advantages. Only then can you assure that the audience is familiar with and understands these terms.

Concentrate on “You”

In your text, you must be careful about addressing your customers. You should know the differences between the first, second, and third person. To refresh your memory, the first person (I, me, mine, we, us, our, ours) is the speaker, and the second person (you, your, yours) is the listener. You should design copy that speaks to your target audience. As a result, you should write most of your material in the second person in an advertisement or marketing piece.

Effective Copy Needs Clear Communication

Your text should be crystal clear, and you should ensure that it doesn’t detract from the service or product you deliver to your clients. Every word counts, and even a single wrong word can change the entire style of your copy. Every writer eventually consults a style guide to aid in creating clear text, and there are a plethora of helpful, relevant rules and list postings available to help authors with proper usage and consistency.

Recognize Your Medium

Be aware that each medium in which an ad is displayed requires a particular tone or style when writing your content. The copy you use changes depending on the audience that will view your ad and where it will be placed. If you’re advertising in a local paper or even on a billboard, or if you’re advertising in a women’s or news magazine, different media demand different copies to persuade a specific audience to take action. Additionally, different sorts of marketing materials necessitate different forms of writing. Make the most of every opportunity to get your marketing message over to your customers.

Avoid Excessive Information

Adding too much information to your copy risks losing your audience’s interest. Effective copywriting informs your audience of the information needed to act and make purchases or contact you for further information. Irrelevant elements clog your audience’s minds, making it more likely that they will skip over the most vital aspects of your advertising or marketing campaign. Keep it simple if you’re marketing a prescription medication, highly technical equipment, or a highly regulated or complicated product. You’re devoting a significant portion of your marketing budget to each ad.

Include a Call to Action

A call to action is a copy element that indicates how you want your audience to react to your advertising or marketing piece. A call to action, in most cases, builds urgency surrounding a message and gives directions on what to do.

The most critical part of great ad writing is a call to action. Make it simple for your customers to respond to your advertisements or marketing messages.

Proofread the Copy

You must proofread your work thoroughly. Allowing grammatical or spelling problems in your advertising or marketing materials is the fastest way to lose credibility in advertising. Customers see irresponsibility in advertisements as irresponsibility in goods and services. Professional firms generate massive ads and ad text, which implies their work has been proofread several times and is free of errors.

A Good Copy Is Crucial to Expand Your Business

A good copy isn’t easy to write. You need to be a wordsmith to be able to write a text that sells. Make sure you prioritize your reader, make them feel important, communicate clearly, and avoid excessive information. If done properly, a good ad will attract a lot of business which will increase the revenue of your business and help you grow.

We hope this article helped you understand what a copy is, its importance, and how you can write one that sells. Get in touch with us if you want an expert opinion on your content or if you need professional services. LLSmart Connect Marketing specializes in copywriting in English and German, as well as a variety of other content writing services. Click here to know more.

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